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U.S. Presidential Politics ... OMG!

McCain and Obama clashed over taxes, war and the economy in the first of three debates. The financial crisis shifted the initial focus from foreign to domestic issues.


400,000 licensed nurses have no jobs in RP – PRC

Nearly half a million licensed Filipino nurses are now out of jobs.

The Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) reported that the country now has an oversupply of 400,000 licensed nurses.

“Both public and private hospitals could only accommodate 60,000 positions, so right now we have an oversupply of 400,000 nurses,” said PRC Commissioner Ruth Padilla.

Padilla pointed out that the country produces 100,000 licensed nurses annually, but there are no additional positions created in both government and private hospitals nationwide.

She, however, expressed confidence that a lot of employment opportunities abroad are available for those licensed Filipino nurses who cannot find jobs in the country.

“We will not have difficulty meeting the high demand for nurses abroad because we have an oversupply. We welcome opportunities outside the country,” Padilla said.

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) earlier reported numerous job orders for Filipino nurses overseas, particularly among highly developed countries.

POEA said the high demand for Filipino nurses is expected to continue for years because of the aging population in many highly developed countries.

But the Philippine Nursing Association (PNA) said the country now has an oversupply of nurses because of the continuing decline in the hiring of Filipino nurses overseas.

For the past years, the PNA said the demand for nurses in key destinations like the United States and the United Kingdom has declined due to US visa retrogression and the shift in UK’s policy.

Padilla, however, said the government is now negotiating for agreements that would allow the hiring of Filipino nurses in various countries.

By Mayen Jaymalin


No Sweat

Today?s miracle sweat-wicking micro-fibers hide a dirty little secret that serious athletes know about. They?re great at wicking away moisture. But they embed perspiration residue deep into the fabric. The result: musty, stubborn sweat odors that linger no matter how hard you try to get them out.


Registered Nurse

We facilitate the processing of US Immigrant Visa Application for Registered Nurses.
* No Placement fee

Benefits from the Employer:
* Immediate Reimbursement of NCLEX Registration fee
* Immediate reimbursement of IELTS Registration fee
* Free Visa Screen Registration Fee
* Free INS Immigration Filing Fee
* Free Immigration Lawyer's Fee
* Free Airfare from Manila to Job site( Nurse Only)
* Free 2 months Twin Shared Accommodation( Nurse Only)

Date: 25 August 2008
City/Town: Davao City
Location: Davao
Wage/Salary: will be discussed
Start: depending on the processing period
Duration: 2-3 years
Type: Full Time
How to apply: Please visit our office or call the no. above
Company: Careplus International Services Inc.
Contact: Denise Claveria
Phone: 082-234-7587


Happy talkie, talkie...

"What the heck are you saying?" Ever heard that before? Maybe Visual Talking can help. It's like the Twitter of PowerPoint presentations. Combine words and pictures to communicate -- it's that simple.

In your user question please consider asking something about a current event and how/if VT would apply, e.g., "Should the Olympic athletes use VT to help communicate?" or "Now that Britney has her bod back, should we send her VT messages to get her to quit smoking?" or "Should Homeland security include VT as part of their interagency communications package?"


Obama Runs With Biden

Barack Obama named Delaware Sen. Joe Biden as his vice presidential running mate, balancing his ticket with a seasoned congressional veteran well-versed in foreign policy and defense issues.


Registered Nurse - Australia

With 3 to 5 years Hospital/Clinical experience

Preferable are candidates from the following countries:-


Interested candidate are required to send their Resume with photographs by MsWord Format (Not PDF) together with the School Certificate, Employer Certificate, Registered Nurse Certificate and the IELTS result or Occupational English Test ( Minimum requirement in a B Level in all components) via email.

To qualify to apply for Australia jobs you must have the Certificate of (IELTS) International English Language Testing System of an average band score of 7.0 or greater across the four test components (minimum score of 6.5 in Reading and Listening and a score of at least seven (7) in Writing and Speaking).

Date: 18 August 2008
City/Town: Australia
Location: Abroad
Wage/Salary: Negotiable
Start: Upon Approval of Visa/Work Permit
Duration: 2 years contract
Type: Full Time
How to apply: By Email
Company: Paragon Oversea Placement Services
Contact: Mr. Gulz AG

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Electrical Engineers (GECO)
Posted on by Chikai

Must have a degree in Electrical Engineering with minimum of 3 years relevant experience. Must be a multi-skilled Electrical Engineer.

Personally apply at IPAMS for immediate screening. Submit resume, employment/school certificates, and (2 pcs) 2x2 photos. Alternatively, you may also apply online at www.ipams.com and an IPAMS representative will contact you for screening should your qualifications fit our clients’ criteria. You may also email your resume at xxxxxxx.xx@xxxxx.xxx. IPAMS will only review applicants whose resumes are comprehensive and detailed.

Date: 20 August 2008
City/Town: United Arab Emirates
Location: Abroad
Wage/Salary: tba
Start: August 2008
Duration: renewable
Type: Full Time
How to apply: Log on to www.ipams.com for more details
Company: IPAMS (Industrial Personnel and Management Services, Inc.)
Contact: IPAMS Information Service
Phone: 524.8661 to 63
Fax: 521.1320, 521.1189



Do you buy or pay for?

Phelps is a Tiger


NURSE for Florida , USA

At Florida Hospital we offer more than a job, we offer the opportunity to build the career of your dreams and to share your passion with your patients and your co-workers. Whether you are seeking a large tertiary care center, or a small community hospital setting, we have the job for you. With seven distinct Central Florida campuses, we offer exceptional opportunities to progress with a leader in specialized healthcare.

Florida Hospital is not only a great place to work; it's a meaningful place to work. Miracles happen here daily all because of people just like you. You have a voice here, an opportunity to be heard. You will shine, you will realize your potential, but that's not all. You will have world-class resources, state-of-the-art technology, breakthrough medical programs and visionary leadership, all wrapped up with a world renowned reputation for excellence.

If you are looking for endless opportunity and a team that feels more like family than co-workers, then Florida Hospital is the place for you.

Please conformed accordingly the documentation procedures for H-1B working visa.

1. Submit comprehensive resume (u.s.format) along with their most recent 2x2 colored pictures
2. Must have nclex-rn, ielts and/or toefl, visa screen certificate
3. Must have at least a 2-year staff nurse experience (minimum 150 beds hospital) and that they also have at least 6-months experience in adult critical care nursing
4. Must have the ability to pay US$2000 towards USCIS Premium Processing and Fraud- protection fee and USCIS immigration filing fee.
5. Pass the final video-cam and / or personal interview with Executive VP for
nurses and HRD Team of Florida Hospital Corp.
6. Pass the H-1B visa interview at the U.S. Embassy-Manila for deployment in
7. Reimbursement of all fees will be process 2-weeks after arrival and employment in Florida.

Please note that those NCLEX nurses petitioned under the I-140 immigrant visa petition are still under the vestiges of "visa retrogression" imposed by the USCIS - whose lifting by the US Congress is still uncertain - up to 12-months to 2 years, if not more. There are approximately hundrers and hundreds, if not thousands of our Filipino nurses whoase immigrant visa petitions are curtailed by the specter of this "visa retrogression"

Bottomline -- it's up to each NCLEX nurse to make the decision to be freed from their I-140 immigrant petitions -- and opt instead to apply for the H-1B working visa that Florida Hospital Corporation and JES International Manpower Corporation (Philippines) are offering. The choice boils down to this: Either wait for the lifting up of the "visa retrogression" or apply for the H-!B working visa. The H-1B visa (3-years)can either be renewed or process to immigrant visa after a year of employment depending upon the employees performance and attitude.

We look forward if successful -- to being deployed in Disney-Orlando, Florida during the next 90-day period.

Actually we are direct hiring.... but all your documents will be process by JES International Manpower POEA Agency as our accredited agency for this job order. The first - 3rd batch were already deployed last June 15, 2008 and July 9, 2008. We are now on the process of the 4th bacth of recruitment, we are going to conduct an interview by phone by Sept. 2008 by the employer.

Date: 15 August 2008
City/Town: Florida
Location: Abroad
Wage/Salary: $22-40/hr
Start: 90days in HB1 Visa
Duration: 3years contract
Type: Full Time
How to apply: kindly email or contact me to my cp#09212790398
Company: JES International ManpowerLicense Agency
Contact: Suzette R. Manuel - Consultant and Coordinator
Phone: 09212790398
Fax: 4949989